First Love Praise Reports

Kidneys Healed

First Love fervently prayed for a woman from Edmonton, Canada who was diagnosed in February, 2012 of Stage 3 Kidney failure. In April of 2012 her blood, urine and scan tests all came back showing no sign of kidney damage. She told Pastor Jan “I’m better than better…this is a miracle and I am in shock and awe!" 

Here is what she emailed us April 26, 2012: "YESSSSSSS PRAISE GOD THE FATHER !!! All my tests and scans came back negative for kidney damage !!!!! I’m still in a state of shock and awe!!! Our holy REDEEMER HEALED ME!!!!!! 

I just still can’t believe it although I never should have doubted that God could cure me but as a human we always have these doubts and fears!!!  
My phone # [deleted] but I won’t be home tonight   (. : can you try calling me tomorrow night??! 
A BIG THANKYOU FOR ALL YOURS PRAYERS!!! I felt so good p. Saturdays when I knew the prayer team was getting together !!! THANKYOU  JAN -GOD HEARD YOUR AND MY CRIES FIR A CURE !!  
With much thanks


Posted 355 weeks ago

Heart healing

First Love had been praying for a man in Alabama that had come very close to death’s door. He had struggled with heart problems over the last decade, and he had a near fatal heart attack in February. His heart flow was down to 15% and Doctors waited several months to see if he would even be strong enough for surgery. When he went back to the doctor in June, 2012, his heart was at 40%! The Doctor was in shock because 50% flow is a normal heart. God has done a healing work in his heart! Praise God!

Posted 358 weeks ago

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